Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poll: Car-Free Household?

The question is simple.

I'm giving 3 options here:

Yes: No one in your household owns a car. To make this clearer, "car" means any motor vehicle that you would have to own a license to use on the roadway. Motorcycles, too.

Share one car: In a household of multiple people of driving age, one car is shared between you. This can be a married couple, room-mates, life partners, whatever. If there is only one car and multiple adults in your domicile, click this option.

No: Either you're single with at least one motor vehicle, or there are multiple automobiles owned by people of-age in your dwelling.

In order to see this poll, you must visit KC Bike Commuting. It will be in the upper-right corner, as usual.


Sirrus Rider said...

To be completely Car Free in Houston is death. It's my belief that when oil gets more expensive bikes will be used for trips close to home and motorized vehicles for trip traversing the city (with some exceptions like for extended distance bike commuters like me.)

Apertome said...

We share one car. Sarah has never had a driver's license (in fact, I need to help her learn to drive). She walks and takes the bus for the most part. I of course ride to work ... so some days, the car never gets started.

It's a little weird, now that I think about it, that each of us uses some kind of alternative transportation when we go to our respective jobs, but we tend to get in the car to go places together. Maybe we can find a good way of getting around together that's not a car.

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