Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Late night ramblings

Some of you may know that I do a little dumpster diving on occasion. Today, I had a pretty major score. You can check out the results over at HiR Information Report.

Oh yeah. I saw the bumper sticker on the left today as I left the parking garage.

KCMSD is Kansas City, MO School District. I kind of chuckled to myself as I pondered the juxtaposition had it mentioned Spanish instead of French. Racism, anyone?! There's a significant Latino constituent here in KC. Who cares if KCMSD lost its state accreditation? As long as our kids know how to speak a language that has zero practical application in Kansas City, we're good to go. Thank you, KCMSD!

1 comment:

Warren T said...

My children can read and write English and do something called "math." thanks to the schools they went to in KC, MO. We moved from there to the SM district so they could get a real education.

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