Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another nice afternoon

You probably have to click on the photo to see it, but my bike computer says it was 61 degrees on my way home. Before you ask: I do, in fact, have the gonads to coast down a hill at about 30 MPH while taking a panda portrait. Thanks to Fritz, I now know the proper terminology for taking pictures of yourself or your bike while moving.

I did the exact same route I did yesterday evening. There's not much exciting to write about this week so far. I'm seeing fewer and fewer cyclists out on the trail. Heck, even the Monday ride I go on that can gather 40+ cyclists in the peak season has been whittled down to under 10 riders. I don't think I saw a single bicycle once I left downtown.

Random Tunage:
FSOL - We have explosive
Bruce Hornsby - The way it is


Revrunner said...

61 degrees! Geez, it hasn't even gotten that cool at night here in VA for several nights.

Noah said...

You would have loved the 36 degrees I rode in this morning, then. ;)

A Midnight Rider said...

61 shouldn't be bad for you. You have been at this commuting thing long enough.

Noah said...

61 degrees is practically perfect! I had to wear a headband so that the tips of my ears didn't get cold (they hurt if I ride long below 65 or so), but aside from that, 61 degrees is the kind of weather that's made for shorts, a t-shirt, and fingerless gloves. I love that stuff!

Apertome said...

Hey, I like that bicycle computer. What kind is it?

Noah said...

That would be a Trek Incite 11i.

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