Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coffee Cyclery Cult

I was running way behind this morning. I wasn't even going to attempt a full commute today. I got out after 6:05 and hit the bike HARD, including a hammerfest out-of-saddle experience all the way up the Quivira viaduct and a sustained 30+ MPH after that. Coming down the backside of the viaduct, that's not so impressive. Keeping it up all the way to 95th, though, I thought was quite a feat. I was ahead-pacing a car in the left lane, going about 35 MPH. This car had been behind me in the other lane by about 10 car lengths the entire way since I crested the viaduct. I ended up having no choice but to pull in front of it (still with plenty of room) to make my left turn onto 95th. It was definitely a surreal ride. There had to be some tailwind involved, but even so, I pushed harder than I've pushed in a while.

Of course, I showed up to the bus stop gulping from my water bottle, gasping for air, and quivering as I leaned over my bike to keep me from collapsing. Nothing says "I'm one tough dude" like showing up to a bus stop 2 miles from home, completely destroyed from the ride. I must have looked like such a wimp this morning. One of the very few things that I enjoy about the bus stop is that it's a short enough trip to really wring myself out without the fear of being unable to make it to my destination.

Lorin pointed out this morning that we cyclists have started to overrun the little Starbucks. He used the word "cult" to describe it. Now we just need some kool-aid, kerosene or something else. If you count JR, Lorin and I, there are 3 of us cyclists who hang out there every day, but at least 5 other morning regulars on top of that -- some of which just dart in and out for a quick drink.

The guy with the black Diamondback Outlook that I see on occasion actually said hi to us today. I didn't see him pull up, but he came inside and asked us if the bicycles outside were ours. Then, he asked if we ride year-round. With temperatures in the 30s and 40s this week, I'm sure that he already knew the answer.

Random Tunage:
Kinnie Starr - Alright (Hybrid Toronto Tech Dub)
Binary Finary - 1999

1 comment:

Apertome said...

That's quite a group you've got there. It must be cool to hang out with some other commuters before heading to work.

I never hammer like that on my way to work ... but then again, I have a short ride and if I take it easy I can arrive with little to no sweating.

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