Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brisk ride this morning

When I departed this morning, it was a mere 36 degrees outside. I wore the same get-up I was wearing a few days ago (39 degrees) when time constraints forced me to use the bus. It worked flawlessly, if not a little on the warm side. For those who care, I wore my chamois under wicking thermal pants and cargo pants, then my wicking thermal shirt alone under the outer shell of my ski jacket, which is basically a really light windbreaker.

Initially, this combo was just right for my lower body but a little chilly up top. By the time I got to 67th street, I was feeling more than sufficiently warm and unzipped the shell halfway. Shortly thereafter, I hammered down the short but steep hills on 67th street, wringing 40 miles per hour out of my poor little DB Outlook. Smiling ear-to-ear and panting profusely, I downed about half a bottle of Gatorade as I coasted through the RRX to Carter. I didn't sweat, though. My clothing choice was working very, very well. I'm highlighting this combo in my log.

The climb up Merriam Lane to Antioch more than chased away the faint chill I had beneath my half-zipped shell. Lots of effort was met without much speed to cool me off, so I completely unzipped the outer shell, leaving just enough zipped at the bottom to keep the shell on me. This also worked flawlessly at keeping my temperature regulated. Down the road a ways, I'd find myself cooling off a bit, so I cranked up my effort a notch or two and warmed into it very nicely.

I beat Lorin to the coffee shop by only a minute or so. I was outside, talking to my wife on the phone and removing my jacket when he showed up.

One thing I did differently today, is that I put the seat-post rack back on my Outlook. I started getting tired of carrying 2 sets of clothes in my backpack. Today, my backpack only carried my laptop and gadgets. My work clothes and some lighter clothing for my ride home are in a duffel bag held down to the rack. This also worked very well and made my backpack a lot lighter. I'll probably continue like this for the time being.

I have a phone conference late this afternoon, so I'll probably have to take the bus home, unless I feel like stopping in the middle of my homeward commute to sit on my phone on the side of the road somewhere. You never really know with me. I don't usually decide how I'm getting home until right before it's time to leave.

Random Tunage:
A*S*Y*S - Acid Head Cracker
Chicane - Lost you somewhere

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