Monday, September 17, 2007

This is the September I remember

I stepped outside this morning and was greeted with 70-degree air. When I started riding almost a year ago, this is what I was riding in, and I've missed it. It seems like we almost lost this wonderful summer-into-fall limbo mode. Not long ago, the afternoons brought 100 degrees in the shade and temperatures that failed to drop below 80 overnight. Last week, we dipped into the 40's. I am very pleased that we somehow found the "right" weather for September.

I hit the road on time and kept a really solid pace on my way in. I actually got to the coffee shop (including the uphill slog on Main) before 6:30. It's certainly not the fastest I've ever been, but it was pretty quick for my perceived effort.

I had to pull over at about 15th and Main to let a police cruiser zip past with its brain-scrambling klaxon and seizure-inducing strobes. If there was anything else exciting about my ride in worth mentioning, I'm still too stunned from the sensory overload to remember it. Oh yeah! I remember one thing! Carter is closed between 67th and Merriam lane at the railroad tracks, but they only blocked off the good set of tracks. The old wooden tire-killer crossing that every cyclist hates is not barricaded. Regardless, my bike easily navigated through the roadblocks.

Random Tunage:
Tatu - All the things she said
Garbage - Stupid girl

1 comment:

amidnightrider said...

It's really a good idea to pull over when that police car gets close. All the drivers are looking around, in their mirrors, over their shoulders and anywhere else except in front to them. And that's where we are. Right in front.

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