Monday, September 17, 2007

Another really close shave...

... or, mountain bikes don't handle like road bikes do!

I decided to take my Sorrento the the Monday night ride. On my way, I did something stupid and ended up throwing myself over the bars and once again, straight into the pavement with an absolutely bee-aay-oootiful slow-mo endo. After it was obvious I was going down, I took my hands off the bars to brace myself a bit, but tucked my elbows. I found myself sliding a bit on my chest and hands, then the bike came up around behind me, rolling me onto my face a bit.

I wasn't on a major road, and I was goofing off and riding way too aggressively. Mountain bikes just aren't made to carve and brake the way a road bike does while riding fast. Fortunately, all I have to show for it is some road rash on my chin and a scrape on my upper lip. There are some scrapes on the skid-lid, too, but nothing bad.

Anyhow, I'm okay, but I feel like my chin got shaved a little too close! I turned around and came back home after crashing. I could have gone to the ride, but I wanted to properly cleanse and dress my scrapes.

Before I left work to come home, before this whole mess happened, the wind was 22MPH gusting to 30 out of the southwest when I checked the weather. I ended up taking the A bus to get closer to home, and I'm glad. I really didn't feel like sparring with headwinds of that stature.


Frogman said...

You really gotta stop doing those endos on the pavement until you get the hang of going all the way over. ;)

Apertome said...

Oh man! I'm glad you're relatively OK. I have endoed many times, but on singletrack, where I don't think it's as bad. Trails are softer than pavement. I sure do know that slow-motion feeling, though, there's nothing quite like it!

Frogman's comment just cracked me up. Then I felt guilty laughing at your expense.

Anonymous said...

Time to look for another helmet man! Sudden deceleration syndrome (SDS) is an ugly thing.

Happy one year anniversary on the commuting, I just finished my second full year on August 25th.


amidnightrider said...

A few years ago you would have been looking for someone to take you picture before you continued on the ride. Maybe even had a redo on the endo for the camera, and prosperity.

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