Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well, the Outlook made it!

Photo: 1998 Diamondback Outlook.

The seatpost rack barely suspends the panniers out of my spokes. It's got awesome street tires, upgraded brakes and a spin-happy mountain bike cassette that's only usable on the hammer ring. It's got SRAM twist-grip shifters, no-name components, it doesn't mind being cross-chained and it's got a ticking bottom bracket, too! Oh my GOSH! Run! Run for your lives! Nothing can prepare you for...


And it got me to work just as fast as my road bike, with a little more effort.

My Banjo Bros. panniers came with these two little hook things that you can put through the braze-on bolts that hold your cargo rack on, in case your rack is mysteriously missing the rounded hook things towards the drop-outs. I had no need for these hooks on my road bike because my rack has the integrated hooks. What did I do with these spare parts? I bolted them to the dropouts on my Outlook! Who needs a real cargo rack with a frame? Well, I probably should ghetto-rig something, because it took a lot to keep my panniers from leaning against the seatstay and into my spokes. Just what I need, more broken spokes, right?

Everything went pretty well. The trip wasn't noticably slower than on my road bike, either. Lorin caught up with me as I came to a stop at the coffee shop again. I got cooled down and made the final approach to work. Hybrid-zilla hasn't seen this parking garage in some months. She's never carried panniers before last night's test run, and combined with all the stuff I had loaded up, it was probably just like old times when I was tipping the scale towards 230 B.N.A.U.

RHR was 51 this morning. That's after letting my heart slow a few minutes after my alarm went off. Sheesh.

Random Tunage:
Reloop - F***ing Society (Chromedioxid II Remix)
Bloc Party - I still remember


Anonymous said...

go borgcycle! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

so how did you attach those panniers? to a seat post rack?

Noah said...

Well the saddlebags are joined together, so they drape over the seat-post rack. I bolted some metal hooks up to the braze-ons by the rear axle. To those hooks, I attached the panniers' lower straps. Care was needed while riding to keep the panniers from getting sucked into the rear wheel's spokes.

Basically, this setup is not recommended.

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