Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another nice morning

It was about 73 degrees when I left home this morning. Very humid, but nice. I took it kind of easy on my way in, as I didn't feel like rushing it. I got to experience the smells of the commute again in full force. It's trash day! I also got stopped by a train in Rosedale. The rest of the ride was smooth sailing with my slightly modified route that takes into account Baltimore being closed for bridge construction.

Last night, I noticed a squishy rear tire during my pack-and-check routine. I pumped it up with air and found the leak before removing the tire, so I just did the old patch in-situ routine (patch the tube while still on the bike by only popping enough of the tire off to get to the puncture) I found another patch about 5 inches from the one I had to put on. That patch is holding up surprisingly well. Until last night, the rear tire rarely needed any air. Hopefully my new one holds air the same way.

Random Tunage:
Erasure - Always
Paul van Dyk - Vega

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