Thursday, August 23, 2007


Crazy headwinds again today. I'm not aching like I was earlier this week, but that's probably because I decided to see if my granny ring still worked.

Today on the way home, I picked up some more patches and Pedro's tire levers. The ones integrated with my Park MTB-3 rescue tools just don't cut it, and my Park Tool plastic levers have been missing for a while. I finally got around to fixing the Outlook from Monday's flat tire incident. I just patched it and it seems to be holding well. I'm probably riding the Outlook tomorrow. Between that detour and Thai food for lunch, I added about 4 miles to my usual to-and-from trip.

Also, I did a cheap fix to my NiteRider headlight. It works, but it's not as bright as I was hoping for. I need to drop by a hardware store tomorrow to see if I can find something a little brighter. I'm shooting for a light that will go an hour and a half or so on a charge, and with as many lumens as possible from there. We'll see...

Random Tunage:
Third Eye Blind - Semi-charmed life
Vertical Horizon - Everything you want

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