Wednesday, August 22, 2007

$25 and a six-pack

That's what I traded this bad boy for. This is the rear hub off of my spoke-breaking wheel. I already have a superior Tiagra hub, so I put this on craigslist earlier this week. A guy who works at the brewery that I ride past every day put dibs on it, and today I met up with him to make the trade.

I was asking $25 for the hub, but he offered a case of whatever beer I wanted. I opted for a sixer since that's about all I could hold in my panniers with all my usual gear. The beer was bottled yesterday. That's fresh. Almost too fresh, since Boulevard believes in secondary fermentation and the beer might not actually be mature yet. Imagine that!

Anyhow, thunderheads rolling in made me think twice about riding back home so I headed for Union Station to catch the express bus to the mall. I ended up bailing off the bus right after it exited the highway and taking some backroads to 87th street thus avoiding the death-slog and the traffic on the Quivira viaduct. I got rained on pretty good and the roads were soaked with grime. The beer survived, though and that's all that really matters. My bike is so grimey. Grr.

Random Tunage:
The Verve - Bittersweet symphony
Cranberries - Twenty One


Frogman said...

A complimentary sixer never hurts to have. And now you have a "contact" inside KC mecca of beer. ;) I've had the variety pack recently, so I tried a few Boulevards I'd never had and Lunar Ale is pretty decent stuff.

amidnightrider said...

I was induldging in Sam Adams Summer Brew last night while cruising Buzzards Bay on the high speed ferry. Hot nights, cold beer. A great combination.

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