Monday, June 25, 2007

No bus today :)

Only one of the KC Bike Commuters showed up to ride this morning. I'm not really expecting this to gain momentum too fast, though. Eric posted about it on his site, though. We'll see if that helps.

The ride in was nice and easy, despite 70 degree temps and humidity that made me think about using a scuba tank. It did make me sweat quite a bit more than usual. I can definitely see this being a daily ride. The only think freaking me out is what the ride home will be like in the thick of the late July/early August heat waves. 4:00 PM can bring ambient temps up over 100 degrees. Pavement temperatures can exceed 140 degrees and cook you from underneath, too. I may end up needing to invest in a hydration pack, as I'm not sure two water bottles will cut it.

I also found out that there are some good bus options (Route L and Route E in addition to my current Route D) that stop at Oak Park mall, less than 2 miles from my apartment via some really treacherous arterial roadways. (edit: scratch route E, they dropped OP Mall) The roads will probably be okay at 6am though. The L route is tempting as Oak Park Mall is the last stop, so it could probably get me to work pretty quick.

I'm going to stick with the bike for a while, though. I'm digging this.

Distance: 14.2 miles
Rolling time: 53 minutes
Avg Speed: 15.8 MPH


A Midnight Rider said...

Riding alone can be thought provoking. 8>)

Noah said...

Well, there was one other person. We'll see how next Monday goes.

metaljaybird said...

I'm really enjoying your site. I have been wanting to bike commute for sometime, though my mtb needs a ton of work, and I have to wait until I close on my house to buy a new bike.

I bookmarked this one!

Warren T said...

Ditto on the humidity today. When I got into the office I checked the site for the fitness/outdoor exercise forcast and it said today was an 8 out of 10 on the comfort meter. Comfortable ... if you're a fish, I guess. I was soaked.

Last summer got pretty hot and it wasn't that big a deal. Still, when you saw a sprinkler that was watering the pavement, you headed for it. Make sure you have lots of water and expect your average MPH to drop ~1 MPH.

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