Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Going to check out the L

After work today, I need to go old apartment to finish loading up any little things that are left, and to start hauling junk out to the dumpster. In the name of having some semblance of energy left when I get home, I'm going to make the ride to Oak Park Mall to check out the L route. There's a huge viaduct that spans Interstate 35. This stretch of road would probably be pretty harsh in rush hour, so we'll see what it's like coming back home.

Last night's group ride got cut a little short because of some computer problems at home that I had to figure out. I still managed to squeeze more than 32 miles out of the day, though. The heat and humidity from yesterday morning were even more pronounced in the evening with ambient temperatures between 85 and 90 degrees and a heat index even higher than that. Don't forget the obdurate sun, relentlessly infusing everything with its scorching rays. Despite wearing sunscreen, my neck still got charbroiled. My arms, ears, and face fared a little better, bronzing nicely since they had already become a little tan from being outside a lot recently.


A Midnight Rider said...

Your getting some serious miles on your bike. Your spouse is very supportive of your riding it seems. All that saving by not driving, buying gas, insurance etc. is a good incentive.

jdoublep said...

when do we hit the dirt trails, man?

Sirrus Rider said...
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Sirrus Rider said...

Midnight rider raises an interesting point. What are your wife's views on your riding??? When I was married my then wife wasn't a big fan. She felt that it took too much time and because she wasn't fit enough and didn't have a good bike or one that fit well enough she could come along.

Noah said...

jdoublep, once my wife and I get settled in and get used to our new schedule, I'll let you know. Since she now works while I sleep, I won't have as much free time after work.

I'm only 4 miles from SMP, so I could easily slog my MTB out there from home without a problem. I haven't been out to BuRP/Minor yet, but that'd be a trip where I have to load the bike up and drag it out there.

As for my wife, she is very supportive of my riding. She's currently not fit enough to keep up with me, nor does she have a bike yet. She's looking around, though, and really likes the Electra Townie 3 Speed after taking it for a spin at the LBS. My riding scares her a little bit, but she doesn't want me to stop doing it. Occasionally if I spend too much time on the bike (riding it outside of my daily commute, cleaning it, adjusting it, etc) I'll catch some static from her, but that's no different than any other husband that spends too much time on hobbies. :P

A Midnight Rider said...

Funny you should mention the wife being scared. My wife was concerned about safety and that passed.

However a few weeks ago, we rode together and I led her into the city where we did some commuter type riding. Now she is scared all over again.

Apertome said...

I have a completely ridiculous tan ... I suspect most cyclists do. Like a farmer's tan, only moreso.

It's great your wife is supportive of your riding. My girlfriend is very supportive as well, mostly having some safety concerns.

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