Friday, May 11, 2007

Finally, the weekend... or not?

Photo: Clean, shiny road bike (sans racked handlebar pannier thing)

I'm still feeling pretty crappy, and today's commute by bike was, for all intents and purposes, completely uncalled for. I hit my 3.00 bike commute / drive ratio yesterday and I didn't feel like setting myself back. So, I was a nincompoop today and rode the bike, despite the onset of bronchitis. I found out that on my road bike, I can still average 13 MPH with hills for 3 miles without breathing through my mouth at all. I took an intentionally slow pace to avoid any further stress on my throat and lungs.

I still felt like crap at work, and I should have just stayed home. Even now, I'm coughing up a storm. When I got home, I took the Trek apart and gave it a proper cleaning, including prying out all the little bits of whatever that had embedded themselves into my brake pads. It wasn't really that much stuff, but I cleaned them out anyways. I cleaned the wheels off in the bath tub (with a rag, not in 2-foot-deep water) and gave the frame a wipe down and fresh coat of wax. Once re-assembled, I lubed it up and checked all the cables. Fresh, clean bikey!

It sucks that I feel so crappy today. Sunny skies and temps in the mid 80's are going to be calling my name tomorrow, but I probably won't be able to ride. We'll see.

I get to telecommute Sunday early morning for server maintenance. So much for having a real weekend.


Sirrus Rider said...

(Pulling on old nursing student hat) If you don't have to exert yourself then don't. Especially if you already have a case of bronchitis. If you sick your immune system is already under stress. Exercise can make it worse..

A Midnight Rider said...

There is an abundance of biking days in the next 6 months. Don't kick yourself for missing a couple.

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