Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gearing up!

I'm ready to rock!

After messing with my bike all weekend (and not riding it afterwards) I knew I'd need to shake out some bugs. My brakes were in dire need of tightening up, and my rear derailleur has been getting a little, tiny bit sloppy. Considering I barely have 100 miles on the bike, I'm chalking it up to cable relaxation and settling into the cable housing a bit.

It took about 10 minutes of tinkering to get the brakes and RD dialed in the way I like them. Then, it was off to the grocery store to give it a proper test, and get some nourishment for the long ride tomorrow morning.

I'm abandoning the backpack for now. I'm strapping stuff down to the rack for this week of long riding. The sun's been down for about an hour now and it's still really warm and humid. It's my guess it won't drop much below 70 tonight. The last thing I need is a sweaty backpack. I can't wait to get a proper set of panniers on this thing.

Anyhow, I'll try to sneak some pics tomorrow. I should be leaving at about 5:00AM. I don't plan on averaging 10 MPH all the way there, but I'd rather get into town a half hour ahead of schedule than a half hour late. For every minute after 7:00AM, my presence on surface roads will become less and less welcome.


Sefauna said...

Im proud of you hunny, but at the same time Im leary of you riding all the way to Downtown. But I understand and I just pray that your safe.

Noah said...

Thank for the kind words, baby! I'm really glad I have your support on this! Even my own parents were trying to pull the old "you should..." and "why don't you..." stuff on me yesterday. Having at least one family member standing behind me means a lot. I love you!

(By the way, I made it downtown safely!)

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