Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today's events

I took off for work quite a bit later than usual this morning, fully intending to catch the last bus out of town. I succeeded at that, but ran into dense, thick fog. Needless to say, I had blinkies going full-force and was cautious about cars coming up behind me and while traveling through intersections. The humidity was so prevalent that when I arrived at the bus stop, every exposed hair on my body (arms, legs, eyebrows) was forming dew droplets, not sweat. I almost thought about swimming to work instead of cycling. It was that humid.

Flying my advocacy flag high, I visited KCMO city hall with a handful of other cyclists to show support for KCMO to adopt the month of May as Bicycle Month, and this coming week as Kansas City's official Bike To Work Week. In attendance were guests of honor Eric Rogers (wearing the black helmet) of and Deb Ridgeway (wearing the green helmet) of Bridging The Gap as KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser presents them to the council. After the motion passes, Deb and Eric present Mayor Funkhouser with a brand new cycling helmet. There are rumors that Mayor Funkhouser may participate in Bike To Work Week. This is a significant difference from Olathe's city council meeting on Tuesday, where Mayor Copeland said that gasoline would have to go higher than $30 per gallon before we'd see him on a bicycle.

Finally, there were a few bicycles parked on the sorry excuse for a bicycle rack that city hall provided. Absolutely no one, myself included, used the rack as it was designed to be used. I parked on the outside end of the rack, as you can see. Also on the rack was a unique art-bike turned three-speed ridden by one of the Acme ladies. Notice I also got a real water bottle for my bike thanks to Bridging The Gap! They were handing out bottles to all council members and other interested attendees (not just cyclists).

I returned to work for a while after going to KCMO city hall. Now I'm on my way home. I'm still kind of recovering from my sickness.


A Midnight Rider said...

I was really interested and felt very professional reading your post. I clicked on the picture of the bike rack and saw this nice trek.
Then I noticed the bell handlbar bag, on your rear rack.

We need to talk.

Noah said...

Feel like donating for a set of panniers? I are broke!!!

Jett said...

So, what can we do to get gas above $30/gallon? ;-).

I'm about to take the next step in my cycling advocacy and start attending these planning meetings. I served on our Civic Association board many years ago and got turned off, but I think my happy bank is much fuller now and won't be depleted so easily. Your participation is contagious and is giving me energy.

My panniers are 25 years old. I don't think you'll want them, but then, I think you can tell I've had a hard time giving them up.

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