Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I fired up the weather Widget this morning. 30 degrees, not 33. I shuddered just a bit. The next few days don't look like they did in last night's forecast either. The temps -- highs and lows -- are lower by as much as five degrees. You'd figure as one who rode through six inches of snow, in temps as low as Minus-Three Fahrenheit, and across ice rinks parking lots, that this would be okay. Honestly, I like playing in the snow. The temperatures of winter? Not so much.

Thermal Base Layer? Check
Long Pants? Check
Hoodie? Check.
Balaclava...*ahem* BALACLAVA? No balaclava - substituting old bala-esque ski-mask instead.
Willpower? Check.

Let's roll!

After stepping outside into the sub-freezing, windy world that is Olathe, KS, I lost hold of Willpower for a moment. Egad, it's brisk outside! Remembering from just a few short months ago that it all gets warmer once you're moving, I snapped back into action. It wasn't a bad ride, really. My Hoodie/T-Shirt/Base Layer combo did very little to stop the chilly wind, but I didn't get all that cold, and I certainly didn't sweat on my way to the bus stop. I miss my balaclava, but the knitted ski mask will get me through this little arctic spurt we're facing.

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MRMacrum said...

Thanks for the input and the double comment. The change box actually jingles a bit now when shaken.

I will also link your blog to mine post haste.

And I "know" we will get along. Nevermind Betty. I'm a sucker for a "kiss my butt" attitude.

Doesn't riding in winter make riding in spring and summer that much more liberating? Layering gets old about Dec around these parts.

MRMacrum said...

OOPS. Thanks for the head's up. You are linked also. I will get a handle on this stuff eventually.

Warren T said...

Yep, dug out my Winter stuff again this morning. I was talking to the other guy in my office who commutes by bike and we both agreed that this morning's 28° seemed colder than the temperatures ~10° of a couple months ago. Oh well, next week will be better.

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