Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Photo: My trusty steed of steel, hiding among empty aluminum kegs that once held wonderful, tasty beer.

There was no good place to lock up, so I parked way around back, where no one would see my bike. I locked it up to the thick chain that they use to keep hooligans from stealing the kegs.

I am kicking back (with a Killians Irish Red) at Buffalo Wild Wings. I took Indian Creek Trail down here from JCCC and I'm sitting at about 11 miles total for the day, not sure how many I'll have by the time I get home, perhaps 14-15 or so would be my best guess. I've been packing the miles pretty hard (for me) over the last 7 days and it's hitting me with mixed results. I feel simultaneously stronger than ever but really, really in need of some rest.

I have Friday off, as the financial institutions grind to a halt for the Easter weekend (technically Good Friday, or in my case, EXCELLENT Friday! w00t!) so I guess I'll get some rest then. Friday also happens to be the monthly meeting with some of my pals at Oak Park Mall. I may attempt to make the trek out there via bike if my wife either doesn't mind be getting home really late, or coming to pick me up when we're done. Okay, so there's a good possibility of no rest on Friday.

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