Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nice morning - and coffee!

I took the rare opportunity of being at JCCC in the morning to get one of Sandy's world-famous Quad-shot venti mochas. The ride in was really, really nice, although I only saw two dog-walkers and one cyclist on the whole length of the trail I rode (about 4 miles worth)

I'm waiting for my co-worker to show up (in a Prius, I laugh) to car pool to the data center. Gotta keep it short. Tonight should be in the high 60's. Mother nature can keep dishing this stuff out; I can take it. ;)


Warren T said...

The trail was nice this morning. I only encountered one rider on a BSO (Bike Shaped Object) and two pedestrians.

FYI - I've posted the results of the bike parking poll on CBB. Hope it helps.

Fritz said...

It dropped back down into the 50s in the San Francisco Bay Area this morning. Brrrr! I had to bundle up in my winter riding gear again!

:-) (Eat yer heart out, you midwesterners!)

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