Thursday, April 19, 2007

Starting to see more bike commuters!

A few months ago, I was seemingly alone downtown. A few weeks ago, I started seeing other bike commuters. This week, they're out in droves!

I used my mountain bike this morning but left it at JCCC since I car-pooled. I found the mud fender from my old high-school mountain bike last night, and put it on. I didn't need it today, but it's on there for when I eventually do. I actually appreciated riding the Sorrento this morning. The taller gears, more responsive shifting, and softer ride were all welcome changes of pace. I could have done without the mega-increased rolling resistance. Weight is about the same between the Sorrento and the Outlook right now. I left my rear rack and handlebar bag on the Outlook so there wasn't really anything extra on the Sorrento except for front and rear lights, spare tube and patches, and the plastic fender over the rear wheel.

Using my old tennis shoes on the platform pedals has proven to me that clipless pedals really spoil cyclists. Dare I say they make us "artifically better" cyclists? I never recall my form being so horrid on platforms since the first week or two of riding daily back when I got my wal-mart beater bike. Maybe it's the different geometry and configuration of my mountain bike, but it took me a good mile or two to get used to riding on platforms again this morning.

Anyhow, I'm poised for a nice relaxing ride tonight. No clipless pedals, no "cargo", no cycling computer or anything. I am going to have to guess my distance tonight when I ride around. It should be a good time.

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Jett said...

I'm beginning to think the number of bike commuters directly correlates with the weather.

I've been counting them and recently noticed I should also record the weathter that day, particularly in the morning when people are making their decision to ride or not.

I've got another theory that popped into my head this afternoon, but I'm not quite prepared to state the hypothesis. More later.

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