Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crazy day tomorrow

Pretty uneventful ride home tonight. Just took the trail from the college to as close to home as I could get. Then I took 127th the rest of the way.

Tomorrow, more than 20 teams within my company will take to the track with our pinewood derby cars. I had a hand in two different cars. It should be a fun time. What this means is that I've got to get to the data center, which is 10 miles away from my office, via treacherous roadways.

I'm going to ride to JCCC and carpool with a co-worker tomorrow. I'll lock my bike up at the college, and when I get off work, I'll just take it to the college, and I'll have my bike.

I'm riding the Sorrento tomorrow. The Outlook's been running great since I tuned it back up. Since I won't need to be at JCCC until 8:00, I'm going to take my time and have some fun on Indian Creek Trail again.

By the time tomorrow's over, I'll have surpassed last month's 224 miles. I broke 200 miles yesterday.

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