Sunday, April 15, 2007

More repairs?!

I noticed a really annoying clunk coming from my bike on my way home from church. I figured I probably messed something up when I did the R&R on my bottom bracket or front hub cones.

As it turns out, my headset wasn't tightened as much as it should be, causing just a little bit of play and an accompanying pop in the top race when enough sideways pressure was exerted on it such as leaning into a turn. Darn threaded headsets. It was an easy adjustment. I also trued up my slightly-out-of-adjustment rear wheel so that I could close some of the brake clearance. It's had a 6-spoke section where runout was about 3/8" and I finally went in and fixed it. That was really easy, but I'd been putting it off for more than a month. Since this weekend has been a non-stop tune-up already, I went for it. I'm really hoping that these are the last things I'll have to do to this bike for a while.

I rode back out to Daily Dose tonight to see some people from church play live music. One of the performers is my own dad :) The 7-mile ride out here was without odd noises. I can only hope it stays that way.

What a wonderful evening for a ride! It's about 65 degrees right now. It looks like I'll log about 20 miles today. Tomorrow's forecast is sunny and about 70 degrees. I predict a heck of a turnout at the recovery ride tomorrow! I'll try to get some photos. I'm half-tempted to take the mountain bike out there for giggles, platforms and all. If I can get my wife's Explorer, I might run home and swap bikes. I'm definitely not commuting on the Sorrento tomorrow unless my Outlook decides to throw more mechanical issues at me tonight.

Update, not worthy of a new post:
After tonight, I'm at 148 miles. Halfway to April 30th and pretty much halfway to my goal of 300 miles this month. I'm right on course!

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