Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy morning

Not that busy, but too busy to post until lunch time.

This morning seemed pretty chilly, but I dealt with it. Now it's closing in on 60 degrees. It should be even warmer when I leave.

Johnson County Transit went and discombobulated all of their downtown bus routes starting today. They changed timepoints, bus stop locations, and even split a few routes up. For instance, my route out of Olathe now has two different routes, both named "B" that go to different parts of town. Certain buses will only go to the downtown loop after leaving Olathe. Other buses will only go down to Union Station and Crown center (a few miles south of the downtown loop). If someone gets on the wrong bus, they'll be in for a surprise and a long walk.

Personally, If I had to get off at Union Station, I'd just hop on my bike and ride the few miles to work without much complaint. It grates on me that they did the split without giving the new routes their own names. The "B" route is now really ambiguous.

Anyhow, I'm finishing up lunch. I'm going to be packing on some miles later tonight, so my next post might be pretty late.

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