Wednesday, April 18, 2007


First off, holy moly, I felt fast this morning! I had to do a cyclocross-esque 10-MPH rolling dismount and throw the bike on the bus really quick because I was about to miss it, but considering the fact that I got a 3-minute late start and still made it to the bus before it rolled off means that the odds are pretty good that my average speed was above 15 MPH... and I don't feel too winded, either. No signs of bonk or any of the usual stuff when I hammer it. Now, maybe the bus shoved off a little late. Maybe my watch is running fast, who knows. But, I felt like I was pulling a lot more consistent effort than usual - a nonstop fury of feet, constantly moving, refusing to coast.

We'll see what the numbers look like when I get downtown. EDIT: 14.9 MPH again. Natch. I got there not through spurts of speed, but by maintaining my cadence on the climbs and everywhere else. I didn't ever really hit my top gear, I was focused more on keeping the feet moving than anything, and paid no attention to my computer. I was, however, paying very close attention to my watch (on the handlebars) as I was literally counting down to the bus departure time. Once the bus was in sight, my attention was on its wheels until I got to where the driver couldn't avoid seeing me.

Next, and this is exciting stuff, is BIKE TO WORK WEEK! Sorry for the crappy photo. These flyers are on display in all of the buses. Of particular note is Friday, May 18. If you ride to the bus and put your bike on the bus, you ride the bus free of charge that day. Check out the link for a week work of B2W events. Also, for those of you who are already or are considering becoming bike commuters (even if it's for this B2W Week only), be sure to register for Eric's commuter challenge (registration opening soon)

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A Midnight Rider said...

I was thinking of organizing something at my office. There are eight hundred or so people and I really doubt that the number who would ride their bike would be more than five.

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