Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Talk about posting late... I need to be in bed. GRR! Anyways, here we go.

Lunch: Thai. Chicken Pad Se Eu with plenty of Sriracha hot sauce. This sauce isn't really that hot, but it's really, really tasty and it adds a bit of heat to whatever you put it on. Great for adding flavor and heat to anything that's either tomato-based or already spicy. Sloppy joes, spaghetti, asian food, chili, you name it.

On the way home, I took Indian Creek Trail from JCCC. I do believe that I am actually the geekiest bike commuter in the world. You'd better get crack-a-lackin' if you wanna keep up with me, homeslice. I'm rollin on dub-six wire spokes, sportin the high-speed EV-DO internet connection with my MacBook. In Black. Boo-ya. Game over. Actually, I had to get online to ask my wife a question because she was at work without her cellphone.

Update on the new bike? Well, there's someone with a Giant TCR who would at least like to look at my car. I am waiting for more information (model year, frame size, etc) on that. Then there are about 3 other people who want to look at my car, but they'd be going the cash route, not trading it. Who knows. I know recent Giant TCRs are darn good bikes. I see a few on my monday night rides, and I'd trade my Escort for any of the ones I've seen. I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard.

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