Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ahhh... finally back home!

Tonight's commute consisted of getting some Greek food, taking it to my wife, riding down to The Dose, and riding home.

I got first tracks on a little stretch of sidewalk north of 119th street (woot!) and I saw a pickup that had head-on collided with a stoplight pole at what must have been a good 45 MPH given the carnage I observed. The driver had already been hauled off (didn't look fatal) and police were standing around BSing waiting for a wrecker to drag the pickup away. The roads were clear, so this guy was either asleep, drunk, an idiot, or a combination of the aforementioned conditions. I'm tuckered. I have pictures but I'm too tired and lazy to find my camera cable, import the photos, crop, adjust, upload and link to them right now. It's a miracle I'm even posting this.

The 2600 meeting is tomorrow, so I'll be driving.

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