Thursday, February 01, 2007

Slushy commute

No pics of the morning carnage. It looks like Olathe Public Works decided it would be better to salt and sand the hell out of the roads instead of plowing them. The snowfall lasted only a handful of hours, with a total acumulation around two inches. The snow was powdery and fun to play in last night. This morning, it's a slushy mess. On my way to the bus, I thought I had a cracked lip because I kept tasting something salty. Turns out I flung some salty slush up onto my lip, as I had my balaclava exposing my whole face. Yuck.

Don't lecture me about fenders. I don't want them, at least on the Sorrento.

With the outer 3 feet of the road being a perfect disaster of six-inch-deep slush and road grime, I decided the best way to ride was to simply take the whole outside lane for myself. In general, cars respected me but I did have one car buzz me. I believe it was someone who was in the outer lane to begin with and the driver didn't get all the way in the other lane before passing me. Usually, a malicious buzz is preceded with copious amounts of honking, or followed by hard acceleration. Or both.

By the way, I did catch my normal bus this morning.

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A Midnight Rider said...

We are due for our first snowfall of any substance tomorrow, Friday. That is if the state is still livable.

The cartoon network "terrist" have been planting lite brites for weeks.

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