Saturday, February 03, 2007

My daily cycling log

I made some enhancements to my daily cycling log. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the whole year, as there seems to be a problem with Google Spreadsheets only allowing 23 columns and 103 rows. If they don't sort that out in the next 2 months, I'll be forced to start a new log for April. Not that big of a deal, I suppose.

I put on about 139 miles in January. I do not have a cycling computer, but between Veloroutes and my GPS, I am pretty sure I'm within 5% accurate.

Features I added:

  • Commute to Drive ratio: Number of days I rode my bike to work divided by number of times I drove (either driving to the bus stop or all the way in, I make no distinction). My goal to push this number above 2.2 by the end of February, and 2.8 by the end of March. I'm at 1.875 right now, which is a lot lower than I want it to be. I won't be satisfied until I hit 3.0. I can actually pull that off by the end of February if I bike commute every weekday for the rest of the month. I don't know that I'm up to the task, though. I'm almost always completely exhausted by Friday.

  • Total Drives: Counts the number of times I drove. Technically, counts times I drove TO work, plus times I drove FROM work, divided by two (this is also how I calculate number of bike commutes). If for some reason, I bike only one way, then it would show "half" a bike commute.

  • Daily bicycle mileage totals: Counts up all commuting, recreational and errand miles for that day. Shows blank on days that I did not use my bike.

  • Month-end mileage total: Counts up all daily totals from month-to-month. With any luck, this number should get bigger and bigger every month through spring and summer!


    Warren T said...

    Cool. I'm going to steal the C/D idea for my Google spreadsheet. One thought -- I do a new sheet for each month in the same doc. Just a thought. Personally, I'm still waiting for graphs...

    Noah said...

    How do you reference cells on another sheet, or do you just manually type in your cumulative data? I'm "okay" with spreadsheets, but I'm not a crazy pivot-table-crazed insane Excel guru. I spreadsheet almost everything, though. I even logged my miles, individual deliveries, tips, and stats when I was delivering pizza. Having a PDA with spreadsheet capability rocked!

    I'm waiting for graphs, cell labels, and a few other things, too. I'd take a worksheet larer than 23x103 first.

    A Midnight Rider said...

    I suppose your blinking the whole time too. [[[[[grrrrr]]]]]. Quit blinking. ax0n *>)

    Noah said...

    Haha... someone visits BF...

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