Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Missed TWO Buses...

Photo: Parked cold and alone amid a sea of vacant bus-rider cars. I have missed the bus I normally take, as well as the one after it. Visible are my helmet, ski goggles, and ginormous backpack.

It's a crisp 6 degrees Fahrenheit outside, with wind chill in the negative double digits. That's between -15 and -25 Celsius. I dressed pretty much the same as yesterday except using jeans as my outer layer for my legs, and thick wool socks instead of thick cotton sport socks like I normally wear.

Anyhow, I'm posting this from the bus that leaves Olathe at 7:00 AM. Unfortunately, between traffic and having to change into my work clothes, that means I won't be at my desk for another hour.

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