Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chilly lunch

Photo: Riding up Baltimore. Okay, I pulled onto the sidewalk to dig the camera out, I was not actually RIDING when I took it.

Temps finally hit double digits, and I got an insane craving for Lulu's Thai Noodles so I hopped on the bike. It's only about 2.5 miles round trip, but it was a chilly ride, especially barreling down Broadway at a good 30 MPH clip. I took Baltimore back north because construction on Broadway is brutal right now.

Mmm. Noodles. Lulu's comes highly recommended if you live or work downtown.


A Midnight Rider said...

This photo is so facinating.

I was at Logan Airport in Boston last weekend waiting for my son's call that he had landed.

In November I was in Washington DC.

If you were to ask me the location of the picture, I would confidently say one of the two locations.

I have you on my favorites because I find it facinating reading daily lives in another part of the country. Hope you don't mind my comments.

Noah said...

Of course not! I love comments, and I share your sentiment on reading other people's blogs.

I was actually right between the two "jogs" of 17th street and Baltimore Ave in downtown KC, MO when I took that photo -- in the middle of this map if you wish to see (and scroll around a bit). I would have taken some more photos, but I wanted to get to work before my food froze!

JDP said...

There's a few places around that area that we've done work. I'm sure you bike right on by and don't notice. ;) One in particular is some of the glass block windows on a building near Broadway and 18th.


Noah said...

18th and broadway? Today I whizzed right through that intersection! You should give me a call when you're working downtown.

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