Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm out the rest of the week.

I may do some recreational riding, but my commute is done this week. My parents are leaving town today, and I promised them I'd take care of Rowdy (the dog in the photo) for them. He's an old man with hip problems. He's actually a Chow / Golden Retriever mix. He acts like a puppy, has the bark of a Chow, and the loyalty of a Golden. With the weather like it is, though, he can't stand being outside all night, and someone has to feed him.

The problem is, my parents live 20 miles away from me, 50 miles from my job, 15 miles from my wife's job, and there's no bus service to help me bridge the gap. With that, I'll be spending a bit less time in the saddle this week.

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