Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Everything I need, right here...

Okay... It would be nice to have my partner in crime (wife) with me, and maybe some friends. Hmm... I got to BWW about 40 minutes ahead of plan. The sidewalks are fun with powdery snow that's been partially ruined by icy footprints. Santa Fe is another road you don't travel by bike after dark unless you have some serious illumination or a death wish.

So, here I sit, with my MacBook, my new bad-ass Logitech Revolution VX mouse (showing its glowy battery meter), a good beer (Killian's irish red), my bike helmet, and inevitably, a pile of thermonuclear wings that are guaranteed to sting soo good from end to end.

Sounds like it's going to be a meager turn-out of just a few car friends of mine. A teenage kid dared me to jump the steps (3 foot drop, about 5 steps, pretty steep) as I pulled up to BWW. I told him it was too steep (plus I had a $1500 laptop with me ut I wouldn't advertise it to the public). He said he wouldn't have done it either. Kids.

So, here I sit. Content and alone for a few more minutes. I'm looking forward to the ride home. After the beer passes through my system, of course.


A Midnight Rider said...

Two more beer and I'll bet you would have not problem with that meger five foot jump.

Noah said...

I probably could have made it, but it would take more than 66 ounces of beer (that was a 22 ounce glass) to make me forget I had about $2,000 worth of stuff in my backpack.

Had the weather been nicer and had I not been wearing my backpack, I could have easily made the jump.

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