Thursday, January 25, 2007

I got published (again)

Photo: Cover of 2600 Magazine, Volume 23, Issue 4. My article is on page 32!

I am many things. I am a systems programmer. I am a system administrator. I am a tinkerer. Another thing I am is a technical writer. I've been an interview subject, adviser and proofreader for a few publications here and there. I also did a brief stint as an editor for a little on-line publication back in the late 90s.

When it comes to my writing though, getting published in print is a satisfying act of validation. This is the fourth article I've gotten printed. For non-geeks, this is kind of dry. 2600 is a magazine geared towards geeks and so-called hackers, so this article probably doesn't even look like English to many of you.

2600 doesn't care what the author does with the article once it's hit news stands, so I pushed it out to my website for all to see, because not everyone wants or can get 2600 magazine.

Here's a link to the article

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