Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A few more errands...

Why not, right? We needed a new calendar, and it's my night to decide what's for dinner (which means I'm cooking), so I swung by Border's for the calendar and Hy-Vee for some Salmon and side dishes. It didn't add much distance to my trip. I velorouted the Johnson County part of my day. Click here to see it. Remember, there was also the 2.5 mile Lulu's run Downtown and a little bit of riding to and from the bus stops. I didn't map that out. My estimate of 17 miles for today was about right.

Home to bus stop
Bus to work (no cycling)
Work to Lulu's
Lulu's to Work
Work to Bus
Bus to bus stop (no cycling)
Bus stop to bike shop
Bike shop to pet store
Pet store to coffee shop
Coffee shop to Book store
Book store to grocery store
Grocery store to home

Sheesh, that looks like those parts of the Bible where so-and-so begat so-and-so.

I am going to sleep really well tonight! w00t!

On a side note, my base layer reeks something fierce. Washed that stuff in the sink, and I hope it's all dry by morning, or I'm going to have a really cold commute tomorrow. There's no way I'm wearing a pre-moistened base layer when tomorrow's forecast is low double-digit temps and flurries!

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