Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Avert thine eyes, fellow cyclists...

Photo: The hideous countenance of THE SNOWFLAKE CYCLIST FROM HELL!!!

I got this shirt from the little start-up I worked for in the first half of '06. This is actually the first time I've worn it. It's representative of the snowflake computer cluster designs that the development team had come up with. Now that I'm cycling in cold weather, I might as well sport it. I'm mid-swig at Daily Dose in the photo. Good, warm coffee. I had to swing by the bike shop and the pet store before I came here. So far, I'm at about 5 and a half miles this evening. If I take my usual route home from the Dose, it'll be a notch over 11 miles for the night, and about 17 miles total today. I'm really starting to miss the smoothness and speed of the Outlook, and I was drooling over some of the cheaper road bikes at the bike shop this evening.

There were simply too many times on my way here where I really needed my wide, knobby tires, so I'm sticking with the Sorrento until warmer climates find Kansas City again.

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