Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Missed THREE buses!

I didn't get to bed until a little after 1:00AM, and then my wife heard "burglars" (our cats playing with an empty "fridge pak" 12-can box) and decided the best way to wake me up would be to punch me in the kidney. In her defense, she was half asleep. I crumpled up the box and disposed of it, but It took my heart about 15 minutes to slow back down to anything resembling a normal rate after that. To think... I said I was going to sleep good last night. I really shouldn't make promises I can't keep.

Yesterday's ride had me good and well tuckered out. On top of waking up late, I also had a pretty slow ride in. I'm on the 7:15 bus, which is the absolute last bus out of town in the morning. It's 13 Fahrenheit right now, and I kept warm except for my toes. My thick wool socks are dirty, so the toes are frosty from wearing sport socks again. At least I didn't get cold feet this morning. Pun intended.

Thank goodness my base layer dried well last night. I washed it in the sink, rinsed it in the shower, and hung it up in our utility closet with the furnace and water heater. It's easily the warmest place in our apartment.

I'll be staying inside for lunch today. It looks like tonight I'll be swinging by JCCC for a little bit to hang out with my wife, but I'm going home right after that.


Jeff said...

How many buses are there? Four? I thought there were only two each way in the mornings. Hum...

Noah said...

I ride the B - Olathe Express route almost every morning. The last stop in Olathe is at the old Roades Furniture parking lot (by Schlotzky's and Steak & Shake, just south of the Olathe AMC 30 Theaters). It departs from there at 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00 and 7:15. I usually try to make the 6:30 bus, which gets me to my office building a little before 7:00 AM. I get off at the first stop downtown, and I actually beat the bus to my building. It drives right past it, and I could easily just ride the bus to the front door of my building, but why bother?

There are some routes where there are only 2 buses. The N - South Overland Park Express -- which I used while pet-sitting last week -- is an example of such a route.

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