Tuesday, July 07, 2009

One Hundred Pushups

Anyone who knows me well knows that I haven't lost significant weight in the past year. Initially, I started bike commuting out of necessity, then I kept doing it because I was losing weight (and lost about 60 pounds at my best), and somewhere I just quit caring about the health benefits. I bike and bus all over the place. I get more exercise than many people in America's Fat Belt, but I've succumbed to complacency.

This has left me with muscular legs, a heart that's stronger than it's ever been before, above-average lung function, and yet I still don't have a lot of core strength. My weak, useless arms and flabby belly remain from my decade of lethargy. I haven't GAINED any weight in the last year, but I haven't actually improved my fitness, either. To that end, hammering more miles won't get me where I want. Sure, a refined diet and more calories burned would eventually start melting away my excess weight but it wouldn't do much for my upper body.

So, the goal is simple. Last night, I started the 100 Pushups program. It was my initial assessment, and I was able to execute 10 well-formed consecutive pushups. Weak, but you have to start somewhere. The goal is this: in 6 weeks, be able to do 100 in a row.

After doing just ten measly pushups for the initial test last night, I'm already feeling it this morning: abs, pecs, arms -- all of them are letting me know they're accounted for.

Has anyone tried this program before? Any luck?


Tracy Wilkins said...

I've not tried the program, but it is possible to do 100 pushups.

See http://springfieldcyclist.com/2008/11/13/100-pushups/

Being sore today is a good thing. It means you pushed your muscles and they're in the process of healing. From what I remember of the program, it should be pretty do-able if you stick to it. Good luck!

Ken Harris said...

I've been thinking the exact same thing. I started out losing 15 pounds and then gained about 10 of it back over the winter months. I didn't bike at all between Thanksgiving and New Years for one reason or another. Started fresh in January but haven't really controlled my diet. Have thought of doing the fitness ladder.


Here is the nuts and bolts:
-Minimum time per day.
-Time spent doesn't increase as you progress.
-Easy to start, regardless of the shape you're in.
-No pain.
-Progress at your own pace.
-No equipment needed. Exercise anywhere, in private if you like.

I've always believed in no pain no gain... but I'll let you know how it goes. I'll start it tonight, if the baby doesn't explode...

Noah said...

Tracy: I know 100 is possible. In high school, Coach would have us do 50 and I could keep going if I wanted to. Of course, I was 135 pounds at the time.

Ken: The "no pain" thing is a lie. I felt the burn as soon as I finished my 10 wussy push-ups -- particularly in the abs, not where I'd expected the brunt of the pain to come from! This morning, I feel "the good hurt"

Anonymous said...

done both 100 pushups and situps programs. stick with the system and you'll pull it off.

shan said...

I've been looking for something to round out the health benefits of biking. This is a good idea; I'm gonna give it a whirl.

Bobby D. said...

Ok This is interesting. I think that I too will give this a try.

Noah, you might have started a trend here :-)

Good Luck to all.

Robert said...

I haven't tried the pgm but can tell you I started cycling after I had a surgery of gall bladder removal. I have lost approx 45lbs since then. It's better then the gym scene as i can be anti-social at times. Good luck sticking with it, then after the 6 weeks switch it up as not to stale it out or lose muscle confusion. I try little programs here and there but only thing I seem to stick with is cycling heh it never gets old. Keep us updated on your progress.

John in Calgary said...

Let's see....push ups, getting in shape, and motivation....there's always the old standards like YouTube's "Training Rocky".

Anonymous said...

How is this going? I stumbled on your blog, but I've been doing the same program since I got an iphone a few weeks ago (to add onto a 25 mile commute). I could do 12 in my initial test. I just ended week 2, and I can do 56 with the intervals -- I'm going for a maxout saturday to see how many I can do in a row.

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