Monday, July 06, 2009

Independence Day and Monday Night Recovery Ride

As usual, I participated in massive amount of explosives and fire on Independence Day. While we didn't have professional-grade stuff like last year, my friends and I all got to set off a bunch of smaller things. And I mean a bunch.

Jon is actually made of explosives. :)

A few repeater cakes (pre-fused multi-shot aerial displays) staged in the yard.

Jon, Angji and Joel setting up a few bottle rockets.

This made me laugh, particuarly seeing Jon cheer as the projectile launched. I made it from a sequence of images taken with an intervalometer script on my camera (thanks to CHDK)

Angji shows off her Twitter Glitter. By the way, this was just about the most underwhelming piece of the night, aside from one ironically called "The Migraine". Both of them were basically a 4-shot roman candle. At least Twitter Glitter could be described in 140 characters or less.



This afternoon, Chris was jonesing for a ride. He's on the road to recovery from knee surgery (yikes!) so he showed up at my place around 6:00 and we rolled out to meet the Monday Night Recovery Ride folks. Talk about a perfect night for a ride! We had about 20 participants.

My next vacation day isn't until September. Thankfully, it looks like I have some fun weekend bicycle trips planned to pass the time until then. The Midnight Cave Ride is this weekend, and we're looking at 30+ participants for that ride. We're still lined up to have quite a few participants for the group S24O camping trip at the end of July, too.

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