Monday, June 01, 2009


I need to get back into shape. I'm still hurting pretty good from the ride home yesterday. Sure, I was loaded down with a lot of cargo (I am afraid to put it all together in a pile and weigh it) but I shouldn't ache like this. I'm also a bit dried out from the weekend. Wind sucks moisture straight out of your skin and I'm feeling it today, too.

New kicks. I don't have many shoes, nor do I need many. I have a pair of cycling shoes (Shimano), a pair of skater shoes (Airwalk), and a pair of dress shoes ($20 x-mart specials) that usually get left at the office. This weekend, my wife and I invested in some decent shoes from New Balance. We are going to start walking together some more. I walked about a mile and a half to get some lunch yesterday, and they're much more comfy than my old Airwalks. The Airwalks did have okay bridge support when I bought them, but they are pretty old and worn out.

Hope you all have a great week! Lorin, JR, John C. and I kicked Monday off over coffee this morning. I haven't seen John's singlespeed Panasonic before. It's the silver bike next to mine. You can see Lorin and JR (who's cheesing for the camera) through the window, and JR's bike reflection if you look hard enough.

Random Tunage:
Underworld - Born Slippy
Crystal Method - Busy Child

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