Monday, June 01, 2009

Midnight Ride Status

I've been in talks with the real estate company that owns the caves. I'll probably hear a final "go" or "no go" from them on Wednesday. To assuage the owner's concerns if we get approved, I had to promise that the group size would be reasonable (Let's call it a maximum of 25 spots for this ride), that we would all stick together through the caves, and that we would be open to signing a waiver of liability if they need it.

It's fascinating working through the red tape. The people I talk to think it's a neat idea and understand the cool factor (and I mean cool in more than the just constant 58°F sense) but none of them are empowered to grant us permission directly. With that, I have to wait for the bureaucracy machine to grind its little gears.

It doesn't sound like it'll be THAT much of a problem, but there's a chance that there may be limited slots for cave-riding. I'll keep you posted.

For the time being, I plan on leading the ride regardless of cave access, weather permitting. Expect to gather at Merriam Marketplace at 11:45PM July 11th, 2009. We will roll out at midnight sharp.

This will be a no-drop ride. I'll lead and I'll have someone take up the back. We'll definitely have to stick together. This is a secure storage and office facility, so we'll need each rider to be accounted for upon entrance and exit so that they know no one is lurking or partying it up down in the caves. You know. Because we're all a bunch of punk kids on stunt bikes.


Anonymous said...

June 11? I thought it was the same night as the OMBR, July 11?


Noah said...

July 11th. DAMN I'm a dumbass. I'll fix this post in a bit. And I guess I'd better tell the realty company too, eh? :P

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