Monday, June 08, 2009

Injured. Again.

Not bad, just a nasty, bloody scrape on my leg from hitting the brake cable boss after my chain slipped off the big end whilst hammering. Why bother with tattoos when you keep getting new scars? I'll spare you the photos.

I was running a few minutes behind -- the reason for my hammerfest, actually and I was hoping to catch up with Karen. After passing Boulevard Brewery and making the curve approaching Rainbow, I could see a cyclist up the hill and on the horizon, probably more than a mile away by this time. I wouldn't catch up with her until after 18th St. Expressway. Not nearly the chase cDude gave (nor nearly the speed, I'm slow) but few things make you push harder than trying to catch a stronger rider. The only thing interesting I noticed about my commute was that yet another house along Merriam Drive was burnt to a crisp. It seems at least once a year, a house along this stretch of road catches fire. Last year, there were two of them -- one in Rosedale and the other near Roe Lane. This one was near Lamar.

As for the new scrape? I debrided and sterilized it when I got home, then covered it up with Tegaderm. It's in a strange spot that's hard to cover up, so I hope it heals quickly. Note to self: might be time to adjust the front derailleur high limit screw.

Random Tunage:
Binary Finary - 1998
Crystal Method - Bad Stone

1 comment:

Joshua Kriegshauser said...

That happened to me the other day too, except that I gouged my leg on the front sprocket.

Good times.

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