Friday, June 05, 2009

Flora & Fauna on the homeward commute

I had a stowaway! This baby firefly was clinging to my trousers for dear life for almost 3 miles!



And I'll be honest, my botany skills suck. I have no idea what the rest of these are

Oh, and a nice shot of my bike from this morning. I cleaned it up last night.


John in Calgary said...

Hi Noah,

I suspect that the baby firefly is into multi-modal commuting. You're probably better than a bus.

sallymander said...

In your shot of mixed flowers you have red and pink poppies, black-eyed Susans (Yellow Coneflower), and Cornflowers (also called bachelor buttons) in blue, purple and white.

Warren T said...

I'm guessing the stretch of the Tomahawk Creek Trail just south of 119th between Roe and Mission?

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