Wednesday, December 24, 2008

White Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve Day! We did get a few inches of snow last night, and so long as it stays below freezing, we'll have a white Christmas after all. I was greeted this morning with the following:

The layer of ice on the road was covered with packed snow, so getting to the bus this morning was a breeze.

A big farm tractor with a 10-foot-wide blade on the front was clearing the parking lot at The Maul, revealing the layer of ice beneath. Fortunately, The Goat is surefooted and stable. I'm running the tires at about 30 and 35 PSI front and rear respectively. This helps them float on snow as well as allowing the full width of the tread get some purchase on ice. It sacrifices efficiency in most situations, but I've found it's actually easier to ride over deep snow with low pressure tires than otherwise. The traction benefits are a good trade-off, too.

I took this HDR while waiting for the bus.

Random Tunage:
Nine Inch Nails - Sunspots
ยต-Ziq - The Fear


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Wichita, I found this site though a random google "bicycle commuter" and was pleasantly suprised to find your site.

For the weather gear I've been using mostly thrift store bought things that are
certain to work. Lots of wool and loose fitting leather jackets. The coup de grace
is tying a long sleaved wool shirt around my face to prewarm intake. All this works for me if I take a fall on ice.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Noah.

Jon said...

Best of the season to you, brother. Keep riding!

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