Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Errands

Saturday morning, we were woken up to this: Crazy winds, thunderstorms and madness.

Temperatures fell rapidly. Wind gusts around here were about 50 MPH. There were some places where it was closer to 80!

It was snowing lightly last night, and I decided to take my new coat out for a whirl and picked up some groceries. My parents got me some new cold weather gear for Christmas. This is just the outer layer, but it's significantly thicker than the ski coat shell I was using.

I left early to ride to church, which was being held at our fellowship facility since a lot of people are out of town. It's about a 12 mile ride. This stretch of road near Old Town Lenexa hadn't been plowed or salted yet.

After church, Pastor Kev invited us to Minsky's, one of my favorite pizza shops. I rode there, too. It was a bit out of the way, but worth it. We ordered one ginormous pizza for everyone (and a medium cheese pizza for the kids)

The Goat was getting awfully grimy after the past few days in the snow and slush. I hosed it down before bringing it in.

All told, I put on almost 30 miles this weekend. That means I've got 52 left to go.


sallymander said...

Glad to see you're going to meet your goal. Is that the coat from Burlington Coat factory that you've been pining for? Looks like Santa pulled through for you!

Noah said...

Santa pulled through, all right! This isn't the same coat I was looking at, though. A few things this one's missing that I really liked:
* Hand gaiters built into the sleeves
* Armpit zipper vents

Things I really like about this one that the Killtec was lacking:
* Two layer. Combined, this will be a warmer coat. Separate, I can use it more often than I could have used the other one. It would have only been good for REALLY cold days.
* More pockets
* Not as ugly. The other one was green and black. I don't care for the green color.

Seriously, this is the better coat, even if it wasn't as expensive. It's got almost all of the features I liked in the Killtec, sans the ones I mentioned.

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