Monday, December 29, 2008

Stopped by a train (and a geeky contest)

I took a bunch of bracketed photos of the train that stopped me on Southwest Boulevard. I liked the way this washed-out one came out.

Something a little more tame.

CARnage or Camar0wned? You decide. Sorry for the lack of quality. It's 4x digital zoom on top of 4x optical zoom. I caught it from the Frontage road west of I-35 and north of 75th St. This was all the way across the highway, probably more than 1/4 mile away.

I got my autographed copy of Schneier On Security today, too. He even left a little puzzle for me to solve. If you can't see it, zoom in. First one to post the correct answer in my comments gets a free pair of AMC Silver Experience movie passes. I've got a bunch of these things laying around and I don't get to the movies too often. If you want, email me via the form on the right after you've posted your answer, just so I have an email address to contact you with.


Darius said...

"Enjoy the book"

Noah said...

Pretty simple, wasn't it? We should just meet up sometime to get the tickets to ya.

Darius said...

I don't really need the tickets... But would like to ride with ya sometime....

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