Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's going to be kind of like...


That's right. World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King comes out at midnight. With my wife being an avid gamer, I'll be right there with her when the doors open. Thankfully, it won't be 4 degrees Fahrenheit like it was last time I did this. Hopefully, I don't come down with a gnarly case of the "bug" after a late night, either.

I don't play computer games. I usually fill my free time doing security research (both physical and information security), networking online with like-minded folks (cyclists, geeks, and security researchers) and writing technical articles about all sorts of things from automobile repair to computer programming. Still, it's fun to go to these midnight doorbuster things. You get to meet a diverse group of people that all have one thing in common. That's even more interesting when you have something in common with many of them yourself, but not the thing in common that brought them all together at midnight: a potentially unhealthy addiction to World of Warcraft. Any one person standing in line has to be in possession of at least one character in the game that's at or approaching Level 70 in order to actually have anything to gain from the expansion pack.

Losing my wisdom

One thousand five hundred.

That's how many milligrams of Ibuprofen it takes per day to kill off the pain my wisdom teeth are putting me through. I don't take pain meds. I'm the kind who will try to ride it out if I can. I can't. Monday, these puppies are coming out! Due to a fortunate genetic defect (you know, among my many unfortunate ones) I was born without buds for several of my teeth, both lower third molars (wisdom teeth) being among them. Only my upper right Wiz is giving me trouble right now, but the other one needs to be yanked out as well.

It's been a bus-heavy week. I woke up way late yesterday and took a later bus than usual. Pernicious, bone-chilling drizzle persuaded me to catch a bus for the trip home yesterday as well. I had trouble sleeping last night (tooth) and drug my bike to the bus with my tail between my legs this morning. I had forgotten about some crazy motivational seminar downtown. The bus was packed like a sardine can because a few extra people thought it would be smart to take the bus to get to said seminar. Indeed, they were smart. The rush for precious parking spots downtown made for some pretty interesting traffic jams. The bus aisles were easily as packed as the streets.

I can only imagine what the streets will be like this evening when the seminar's over. I did think it was cool that quite a few suburban folks had the forethought to give transit a try, though. Most of them had never been on "The JO" before. Some of them mentioned that other routes might work for their daily commute. Gas prices might be falling here in KC, but I think the high cost of transportation as a whole was enough to cause a lasting paradigm shift for many suburbanites.

Random Tunage:
Wippenberg - Promisedland
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MRMacrum said...

Wisdom Teeth suck. Been there done that. To poach an overused and abused phrase - I feel your pain.

I missed the gaming craze. My dad had Pong on an old B7W TV he rigged up, and I fiddled with it. Lost interest and never found it again. I prefer to waste my time doing this blogging stuff and riding my bike when my body is willing.

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