Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Out of commission

I picked up a new tire, but must have done something wrong (I'm guessing I damaged one of the glueless patches or pinched the tube in the bead while installing).

Regardless, my cheapo old tire levers can't get the EXTREMELY TIGHT tire back off the rim, and my good tire levers got stolen with my Hybrid. I have some running around to do after work anyways, so I'll just take the Dreaded Bus in the morning, take the bus to midtown after work, then car-pool home with my friend after the meeting in midtown.

I'll probably get some better tire levers over lunch tomorrow. River Market Cyclery's just a mile away from my office.


pedalGR said...

I wish I had a bicycle shop within 4 miles of downtown. Maybe someday.

Chuong Doan said...

Some c'ck sucker stole my helmet off my porch. WTH!!?? Who would want a stinky used helmet??

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