Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moon Over Lyric Opera

Audio Warning: We like tha moon.

Oh yeah. You can't park your bike right next to City Center Square because it looks trashy and/or like a sign of poverty. But leaving this cart where I used to lean my bike is just fine.


Pat Ring said...

Another awesome pic. I used to work at the UMB bank building at 12th and Wyandotte, but I would pull out of the garage there at 11th, so I am pretty used to that view.

I am cracking up over the grocery cart pic. I know that is probably someone's mobile home, but it's still pretty funny. I've sat at that exact spot and watched as someone from the street, um, cleared their nasal passage, on that very window. My client was impressed.

Unknown said...

The moon has been spectacular these past few mornings. However, I will appreciate it in a whole new way after seeing that. Great post Noah!

amidnightrider said...

Go figure huh? (about the cart).

I have been amazed at this months moon. Spectacular.

Sirrus Rider said...

Oh the Cart full o' Crap is just so much more attractive than a $500 plus Bicycle (not!).

Anonymous said...

Do you commute with your laptop daily? If so - how do you ensure its safety? Just shove it in your panniers and pray?

Serious query...:-)

Noah said...

And it's a good question. This laptop has survived almost two years of year-round commuting by bike and by bus, going to work with me almost daily since late 2006. When I'm using panniers, It's in a padded sleeve (I use the Laptop Shuttle by Case Logic). When I use a backpack, I have a Kensington Contour laptop-specific pack that's padded and meant for on-the-go types like myself. I don't use the backpack often in the summer because it's hot and carrying stuff on my back 2 hours a day (when I ride the full trip) is uncomfortable. As winter rolls around and I start using the bus more, I'll put it back into use. It's nice because I don't have to disconnect the pannier from the bike before I get on the bus, and there's no way I'm leaving my laptop in a pannier attached to my bike on the front of a bus. I've been meaning to post about them for a while.

One suggestion that comes up often is to just carry the data you need on a USB drive. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for my situation, but it's a good compromise for many people.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the tips.

I just worry about crashing while carrying it in panniers or backpack because it is my work laptop, not a personal one.

I commute in every day and I can tell it annoys my boss that I never take it home with me.

My boss is a bit of a loony. :-)

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