Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy Few Days

This week has so far been one with relatively few miles ridden, quite a bit of bus riding, a little car-pooling, some health issues with both my wife and I, and some geeking out. I took this at Jazz (a cajun restaurant in Midtown KCMO) while dining with some friends, fellow geeks and some fellow cyclists. Odd, I've noticed more than a modicum of crossover between information security geeks and cyclists (particularly the commuting variety)

I'm hoping I make up some miles on tomorrow's Dark Side Ride, assuming weather cooperates. If that plays out the way I want it to, I'll have an additional 55 (or so) miles on the bike, finally bringing me to less than 700 miles from my goal. Right now, I'm just playing catch-up for the slacking off I did earlier in the year.

I'm well ahead of my initially planned miles for October. I left September 475 miles behind schedule and I've managed to close that gap by 100 miles this month and still have plenty more time to shrink it even further. I'm still more than 300 miles shy of where I thought I'd be by the end of this month, though. I don't think I'll log that many miles in the next week, but the Dark Side Ride and anything commuting I do before Halloween will help.

Random Tunage:
Kimberly Locke - I Could
Underworld - Born Slippy

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