Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Lost My Trousers!

Another chilly bus morning, although I think tomorrow I'll man up and ride all the way in it. I'm just not ready for temps in the low 50's, but it's about time to break out the cold riding gear log I worked on last year. I didn't look at it this morning, but my instincts were dead on. A long-sleeve shirt with a short-sleeve over it, and cargo pants did nicely, and looking at the log, that combo worked quite well for the same conditions earlier this year. I should have just ridden to work, but I left late.

It warmed up nicely over the course of the day. Saw a few cyclists enjoying Turkey Creek Trail... there are cyclists there. Trust me. It's PREDATOR VISION, BABY!

Or too much fun with GIMP, since the photo was actually botched beyond recognition anyways. Whatever.

So what's all this have to do with losing my trousers, eh? Nothing. I just haven't gotten around to that part yet. After changing into my cycling gear, I threw on my cargo pants to avoid walking through the office in shorts. Something about corporate atmosphere or whatever. Upon getting to my bike, I stripped the cargo pants off, folded them up, and snapped them to the rack with the spring clip.

Later, I noticed they were missing. I had a few miles of backtracking to do, but they were unscathed, on the side of the road. So while I did lose my trousers, at least I found them in the same condition I lost them in.

I haven't been seeing many cyclists in the morning, but somehow they're riding home in the evening. They were everywhere on my way home, and I'm noticing a lot of the younger demographic as well. Teens that are of driving age are using bicycles. A lot. Time (and maybe some interviews?) will tell. I'm working on an article for CBB on this very topic.

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